Ao Haru Ride

ao-haru-ride-full-716091Ao Haru Ride, or Blue Spring Ride, was a cute and lovely anime.  It was fairly short and I found that it was a good light anime.  There is a good storyline and the anime is very well paced.  I would recommend it to those who like romance, however, it annoys me that the anime ends on a cliffhanger.  Seeing as it was released a while ago, I did not expect a season two to be released and so I read the manga to finish the story.  There are some twists and turns, but this anime / manga was worthwhile and adorable!  I would definitely re-watch this in the future as it is short and sweet.  I also like the way that the main male character has a likeable yet unlikeable personality, which makes him more like a real person, because lets face it, most guys aren’t like the perfect male leads you see in other romance animes!!

Rating: 4/5 (for not continuing, but with the manga story, it would be 5/5 )


Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

Personally, this classic wasn’t for me.  It took me a while to plough through and although I did enjoy tmd1714146694he concept, I found it a little slow as the action only really happens within the last few chapters.  The rest of the story, in my opinion, was fairly repetitive as very similar events occurred.  It is a classic that was recommended by many, however I didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected I would.  I may re-read it again in the future to see if I still feel the same way about this book, however, as of now, I sadly did not enjoy it much.

Rating: 2/5


So, some may have noticed that I haven’t posted for roughly two weeks,  I’ve been up to quite a lot recently, from drawing, to reading, to preparing for the school trip I’ll be going on in a few days.  Hopefully, this time away from my blog didn’t annoy anyone, but I’d like to let you know why I’ve been gone.  I am going to try and write more posts and schedule them for the right times.  I also haven’t been reading many books, mainly manga, but seeing as I regularly review anime, I thought that I should skip out the manga reviews for those who are following me for the book stuff 😉  Anyways, I was thinking of perhaps uploading some of my drawings but I’m not sure just yet, they would most likely be photos and not scans so hopefully that will be okay.

I have also made an Instagram account for my blog which is @theilluminaefiles, so feel free to follow, although I have not yet posted anything.  Anyway,  a review for both a book and an anime will hopefully be up next week, Thank you!!


77809lNoragami is a story that truly touched me, made me laugh and made me sympathise with the characters.  Throughout, this anime was gripping and humorous.  This is easily my favourite anime for good reasons.  The manga is equally amusing and the anime is portrayed well.  So far there have been two seasons, both of which were equally enjoyable.  I haven’t watched or heard of a story like this which makes it unique.  I even found myself bonding with the supporting characters, which was surprising as I usually take no notice of extra roles.   Overall, this anime is heartwarming and original and I recommend it to all.  There are fight scenes as well as romantic and cute, all genres in one!!!

Rating: 5/5


All the Bright Places By Jennifer Niven – Review

In my opinion, this book was better than any other romance novel I’ve read batbp_mefore.  From the beginning to t
he end, this story was gripping and enjoyable.  The plot was well-paced and enjoyable.  I thoroughly enjoyed the layout of each character’s viewpoint as well as the unique and effective book cover.  Furthermore, the story wasn’t too long and dragging or too short.  This book is popular for a good reason and I recommend it to all those who want a quick, sweet story.

Rating: 4.5/5

Spring Haul

So it’s the start of spring, and I’ve recently got hold of a few books that I have on my to read list.

Schindler’s List – Thomas Keneally

I’ve been wanting to pick this up for so long, but I never got the chance to.  I’ve always been way to scared to watch the film so this book was a great option.  There will be a review for this once I read it, but I’m not sure when.

Where I found it: A local charity shop near me


The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

So many people have recommended this book to me and when I saw it in the charity shop I grabbed it straight away.  Hopefully it’s going to be good as I expect it to be!

Where I found it: A local charity shop


All the Bright Places – Jennifer Niven

This book came up so often on my Instagram feed that I finally decided to check it out.  I haven’t got a copy of this book but actually borrowed it from y local library.  I’ve started reading it and so far it’s amazing!  I’ll be finishing it soon so look out for a review!!

Where I found it: Local library


I haven’t bought any manga for a while, but I was recently given a totoro keychain from my aunt and it’s so adorable!  Brings back the childhood memories!!!


Unfortunately, I have my end of year exams next week and the week after so I won’t be able to post anything on my blog.  This will be my last post for a while but I will try and post as soon as possible!  Check my twitter page to get updates on when the next post will be out!!

Death Parade

death-paradeAfter finishing the series, I feel that it lacks a second season to explain more to the audience.  Although the storyline is very good and I loved the ideas, I didn’t quite understand all of the plot.  I also really want to find out what happens later in the story as it was a little confusing.  I do recommend this because it is fascinating and definitely something I would think about re-watching in the future, however, I would like it if a second season was released to reveal more of the storyline.

Rating: 4/5